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In an endeavour to make ownership of Mercedes-Benz products easier, the company has introduced a new extended warranty programme.

Anyone with a fair bit of understanding of premium products will tell you that it’s not buying the premium cars that worries buyers but the apprehension of regularly maintaining them. Thankfully with cars easily serviceable now (wider sales and service networks and robust engineering behind the cars have to be credited for that), it’s mainly careful driving and warranties that stand between you being a happy owner and one who’s perennially sad. Which is exactly where the new extended warranty programme establishes its upper hand, provided you know how to drive, park, and all that.

The said Advanced Assurance Programme can extend the standard warranty of three years to up to six years from the date of purchase. You can choose to do so anytime during the standard warranty period, and even cancel, should you decide to. Why any sane person would do that is beyond us, but there’s an option anyway.

The extended programme is also more cost-effective, by up to 18 per cent in comparison to the usual extended warranty plans. Transferrable to new owners, the warranty isn’t bound by mileage, but is applicable to non-commercial usage only.

The cost for the extended programme can be checked on the company’s website, even before contacting the dealership. For instance, it starts from as little as Rs 33,000 for the A-Class, about Rs 66,000 for the new E-Class (LWB), and Rs 1,98,000 for the S.

The programme is made in collaboration with Daimler Finance and Reliance Insurance.