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Mercedes-Benz has extended its presence to Tier II and III markets with the help of its new initiative called Brand Tour. The company is reaching locations where there’s no Mercedes-Benz dealership currently. By doing so not only does the brand gauge public’s interest, it effectively introduces prospective clients to the wide range of vehicles on offer.

There are customer focussed events which include test drives, off-roading, and even display of products. Those looking at buying a Mercedes product will be offered additional services like finance schemes, various offers and service packages, and trade-ins, too. A complementary vehicle evaluation will add to the latter as well.

Three of the locations out of a planned 14 have been covered under the brand tour: Aurangabad, Udaipur, and Allahabad. The carmaker will now focus on the rest of the 11, which include South Goa, Arunachal, Vapi, Simla, Ranchi, and Haldwani.