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McLaren, a powerhouse in Formula 1, has unveiled the striking livery for its MCL38 car set to compete in the 2024 season. Departing from previous years, the revamped design showcases increased orange elements, a departure from the traditional light blue touches.

Bold Livery Design

The MCL38 features a bold and revamped livery, with a prominent increase in orange on the front wing and engine cover. Notably, the design incorporates a geometric slash transitioning to black side pods, deviating from the team’s previous aesthetics.

Inspiration from Singapore and Japan

Drawing inspiration from a special livery showcased in Singapore and Japan in 2023, McLaren adds a unique touch to the MCL38. Chrome driver number decals, reminiscent of the mid-2000s to mid-2010s, further contribute to the distinctive visual identity.

Livery Launch Reveal

In a departure from traditional launch procedures, McLaren opted to reveal both the livery and launch. This move provided fans with a comprehensive look at the team’s visual identity and technical details.

Zak Brown’s Confidence and Fan-Centric Approach

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown expressed confidence in the team’s preparations for the 2024 season. Acknowledging fan feedback, Brown highlighted the emphasis on the distinctive papaya colour and the showcasing of the team’s commercial partners in the new livery. He anticipates the upcoming season as a continuous development process, expecting ongoing improvements throughout the year.

Drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri shared their excitement about the new livery and the prospects for the season ahead. Norris, entering his sixth Formula 1 season, expressed optimism in building on the team’s momentum from the previous year. Piastri, gearing up for his second F1 campaign, looks forward to competing in McLaren’s iconic colours and contributing to memorable moments for fans.

The official launch is scheduled for February 14, aligning with McLaren’s strategic marketing approach during the quieter period of new car launches.