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Maruti Suzuki has halted production at their Gurgaon and Manesar plants due to a component supply chain disruption. This temporary suspension covers all their production lines and is due to a fire at the Manesar facilities of their supplier, M/s Subros Limited. Because of this disruption of component supply from Subros, Maruti has decided to stop production, starting from the second half of May 30th. Both the companies are assessing the damage caused by the fire, with production at Maruti’s plants set to resume once the component production restarts. Meanwhile, Maruti is looking to source the necessary components from other suppliers to kick start production at their plants. Either ways, production should resume once components are available.

Subros makes air-conditioning components for Maruti whose Manesar production facility suffered a massive fire on May 29th. Other than Manesar, Subros has plants at Noida, Pune, Sanand and Chennai.