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In a bid to draw the attention of SUV enthusiasts, Maruti Suzuki has come up with a new initiative called Rock N Road experiences. Maruti Suzuki says this initiative aims to cater to people with a keen sense of thrill and adventure, who look beyond the functional aspect to their Maruti SUV. The Rock N Road experience is also a way for Maruti Suzuki to draw more attention towards its SUV lineup.

The Rock N Roads experiences also incorporates Maruti Suzuki’s philosophy of C.O.R.E, which helps its customers to ‘Conquer Terrains, Open Mindsets, Realize Passions, and Embark on adventures.’ This initiative will be split in two formats; the first format offers experiential drives further divided into two sub-categories; ‘Rock N Road Expeditions’ and ‘Rock N Road Weekenders.’ These drives will consist of multiple long and short expeditions that customers will be able to book and participate in.

The second format is an off-roading championship called ‘Rock N Road 4×4 Masters’, which will help in promoting and recognizing off-roading talent in the country. This event will be conducted in two phases; the first phase will be qualifiers, which will be held in eight cities, while the second phase will be a grand finale event.

The inaugural ‘Rock N Roads Expedition’ is ongoing, and consists of fourteen Maruti Suzuki Jimnys passing through Tabo as they make their way up to Kaza, covering a distance of 539 km in six days. This expedition will then traverse through Spiti Valley and aims to discover the hidden wonders of the Himalayan wilderness.