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Launched in 2001, Maruti Suzuki True Value has been one of the most trusted outlets to purchased pre-owned cars from. It’s 2017 now, and while the number of manufacturer-backed used-car dealerships have increased, the apprehension among customers has also increased. That’s largely down to the lack of trust one can have on smaller, profit-orientated businesses. Maruti aims at changing that, with a massive overhaul of the True Value business.

As a part of the initiative, more independent True Value dealerships will be set up (a number likely to rise to 150, pan-India, by March next year). These will have a larger display area, and will be connected online, which will allow you to short list your car without being physically present at the outlet. Once selected the interesting ones, you can then go to the corresponding True Value showroom and take a closer look and test drive.

And a closer look won’t be the first thing on your mind because with added transparency, Maruti Suzuki also intends to make more minute details known to the prospective buyer as well. First, no car with more than two owners, a lakh km on the odo, and seven years in age will be certified by via True Value. Same goes for commercial vehicles and those retrofitted with CNG or LPG kits. The ones which don’t get rejected on the above mentioned criteria will then undergo a 376-parameter-check. And while being evaluated, the cars will also get repaired at Maruti’s facility, if there’s a need for that. Once ready to be put on sale, the cars will be checked and rated on, based on six factors: engine, suspension, brakes, electrical, transmission and steering, and finally exterior and interior.

It’s all win-win for the used-car buyer, because not only will the documentation be made easier, the certified cars will also come with a warranty of up to one year and multiple free services.

Maruti True Value

MSIL’s MD and CEO, Kenichi Ayukawa said, “We want to offer buyers of pre-owned cars the same experience as buyers of new cars. A network of spacious new outlets, using digital technology for customer convenience, will be a highlight of True Value. Our focus will be on quality cars, refurbished and certified with the assurance of warranty. A star-rating for each car will help the True Value customers to make a right choice. As a part of Maruti Suzuki’s transformation, we have introduced new products, entered new segments and launched the NEXA channel for sales and service. All these initiatives have been appreciated by our customers. A revamped True Value is a part of these efforts.”