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This isn’t Mahindra‘s first launch of the year, having already started with the XUV400 recently. The 2024 XUV700 has been launched, with prices starting from Rs 13.99 lakh for the MX variant (ex-showroom), going all the way up to Rs 23.99 lakh (ex-showroom) for the fully-loaded AX7L variant. The 2024 XUV700 retains its powertrains and mechanicals, but receives feature additions and cosmetic tweaks to keep it relevant.

Unmissable Presence: Enhanced Exterior and Interior

The 2024 XUV700 introduces the Napoli Black color option, amplifying its aesthetic allure with black roof rails, a commanding black grille, and striking black alloys. For the discerning customer seeking a personalized touch, an optional dual-tone colour with a Napoli Black roof is available.

Inside, the AX7 & AX7L variants upgrade such as dark chrome air vents and console bezels. Notably, the addition of captain seats in the AX7 and AX7L variants, along with front-ventilated seats in the AX7L variant. The AX7L variant further links the ORVMs with the memory function of the seats, aligning with the expectations of modern, tech-savvy consumers.

Sci-Fi Technology: New Innovative Features

The AdrenoX suite receives a significant upgrade, now offering a total of 83 connected car features. Among the 13 new additions, Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) capabilities stand out, facilitating seamless software updates akin to smartphone technology.

  • The Prognosis feature ensures timely updates on upcoming service needs, enhancing vehicle maintenance and reliability.
  • The M lens feature allows drivers to scan buttons and tell-tale lights on the SUV, providing instant information about their functions.
  • Categorized into key areas such as prognosis alerts, vehicle status, location-based services, safety, remote functions, third-party apps, and connected features, these advanced functionalities require an active AdrenoX subscription, making them a highly coveted suite that sets a new standard in the SUV segment.

ASK Mahindra Concierge Service: Instant Tech Support

The car maker has also introduced the ASK Mahindra service, a dedicated support system for vehicle technology-related queries. Accessible on weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM, this service ensures instant assistance through vehicle e-call on the infotainment system. This initiative aligns with Mahindra’s commitment to providing unparalleled support to users, emphasizing convenience and prompt solutions for any technological inquiries.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Chauffeur Training Program

In a bid to further enhance the customer experience, Mahindra unveils a Chauffeur Training Program, initially available in metro towns. Conducted once every two months, this program offers chauffeurs comprehensive training by Mahindra experts. Covering vehicle functionalities, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), emergency handling, and fault identification, the training ensures a seamless and comfortable experience for the owner. The pilot phase commences in Delhi and Ahmedabad, with plans for extension to other metro cities.

Updated Ex-showroom Prices: Competitive and Transparent

The updated ex-showroom prices for the 2024 XUV700 are:

Variant Ex-showroom starting price*
MX INR 13.99/- Lakh
AX3 INR 16.39/- Lakh
AX5 INR 17.69/- Lakh
AX7 INR 21.29/- Lakh
AX7L INR 23.99/- Lakh

The 2024 XUV700 exemplifies Mahindra’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of luxury SUVs. With a focus on elegance, innovation, and customer-centric features, this latest offering stands poised to capture the hearts of discerning consumers. As the SUV market evolves, Mahindra reaffirms its position as a leader, consistently raising the bar for the industry.

The 2024 XUV700 will be available for bookings from 15th January 2024 with demo vehicles reaching dealerships starting from 25th January 2024 across India.