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Moving further with the alliance made in September last year, Mahindra and Ford have signed new non-binding MoUs. The two companies will now work together to develop a new mid-sized SUV, extend support in the market, share engines, and also look at developing an EV and a compact SUV.

Talking about the mid-sized SUV first, it will be based on Mahindra’s platform. But like we’ve seen with several other such collaborations, both companies will brand and market it in their own way. Hence the alliance will yield two new SUVs, essentially based on the same platform. One will be a Ford, the other will be a Mahindra.

In addition, the two companies will work together for a period of up to three years, and also develop connected car solutions. Ford will assist Mahindra in making a presence in global markets, and the latter will share its powertrain line up with the American carmaker. The two will also look at making a new EV and a compact SUV under the alliance.

Mahindra’s MD, Dr Pawan Goenka said, “Today’s announcement is the next step in the collaboration between Mahindra and Ford. Both teams are working together on joint development areas in keeping with industry requirements and leveraging mutual strengths. We are excited about the synergies unveiled through this collaboration and the potential opportunities it will bring.”

To which Ford’s executive VP and President for Global Markets, Jim Farley added, “Ford is committed to offering the best vehicles, technologies and services that fit the lifestyles and preferences of Indian consumers. Listening to our customers and incorporating their future needs is the core premise of this collaboration. With utility vehicles and electrification as key focus areas, we are glad to see the progress our two companies have made.”