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This is the design sketch behind Lotus’ future electric sports car. Lotus has even partnered with a UK-based battery cell specialist, Biritishvolt, to develop the battery tech for its upcoming electric sports car. The key focus will be fast-charging, optimising energy density and weight reduction. An electric sports car that’s powered by Britishvolt cells and utilises Lotus’ advanced propulsion technologies.

Matt Windle, Managing Director, Lotus Cars, says, ‘Lotus is delighted to be collaborating with Britishvolt to develop new battery cell technology to showcase the thrilling performance that a Lotus EV sports car can deliver. These are the first exciting steps on the journey towards an all-new electric sports car from Lotus, and yet another step towards the transformation towards sustainable, renewable electricity stored in batteries.’

Also, before the electric sports car makes an appearance, Lotus will be unveiling its all-new and all-electric SUV, the Type 132. Besides that, there are three more EVs in the pipeline. All future Lotus cars will be entirely electric and inspired by the Evija — the world’s first British electric hypercar — which will be delivered this year.