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Leuxs India has announced the shortlisted entries for the Lexus Design Awards India 2024. These awards are hosted each year by the Japanese luxury car maker, in order to recognize and award industrial designs and solutions executed by Indian designers and institutions. This is the seventh edition of the Lexus Design Awards India, and the panel has chosen thirty finalists across six categories.

The six categories include Conceptual, Industrial, Textile, Furniture, Built Environment, and Tech. In each category, five entries have been shortlisted for the finals. This year, the judging panel includes Subodh Gupta, a contemporary artist, Dr. Anupama Kundoo, an architect, author, and researcher, along with Vinu Daniel, the founder of Wallmakers organization, designer Tarun Tahiliani, and Giri Venkatesh, vice president (Asia-Pacific), Lexus.

The Grabngo is a futuristic food vending machine

Apart from the opportunity to engage with the industry experts, the winners Conceptual category will also receive a seed fund, in order to encourage their design solutions to come to life and have actual application. They will also be invited to attend the Lexus Design Event in Milan, Italy, during the Milan Design Week. The winners will be announced sometime soon.

Here is the list of entries across all segments:


NISHAD VIJAY NIPHADE: DISHA – Innovating caregiving, empowering Parkinson’s patients.

ISHITA VERMA: FABRIC SPRAY – Targeted topical drug delivery with spray mechanism providing- Rapid absorption, Enhanced penetration and uniform cover.

DIPUMON AM: GRABNGO – A food vending machine offering a convenient and engaging experience for fast-moving consumers and travelers.

DIPUMON AM: MỌ –A travel friendly device that functions as a steam-iron, fuzz-remover, stain-remover and blower-dryer.

BHAKTI V LOONAWAT: MYCOLIVING THE SHROOM EDIT – Mycelium Hybrid Furniture: Leading the Evolution of Fungi-Based built environment


NEYTT: BIDRI – Striking art pieces that can be used as a carpet or as a wall decor

DIVYA SHREE: THE FINAL MIGRATION – A Visual abstraction of the socio-anthropological phenomena of Nomadic-Pastoralist Changpa community’s migration onto backstrap woven textiles.

AARUSHI: SCORCHED EARTH- PARALI – An upcycling, paddy straw and agriculture residue for eco-textiles, combating air pollution, empowering farmers, fostering sustainability.

NANDITHA NAIR: POLA ALTERNATE LEATHER – Transforming invasive water hyacinth into alternative vegan leather

HARPREET PADAM: BETI – DABU MUD RESIST DYED TEXTILE PRINT – A textile print that communicates the sombre gender literacy ratio of the state of Rajasthan.


NISHANT AGARWAL: BIONICLI – A Bionic Hand Prostheses using Electromyography with Adaptive Grasp and Pinch.

SAMITA JOSHI: PALSEAT – An Indian toilet seat to help people with cerebral palsy defecate and urinate more ergonomically.

STEM: ITO FLOOR LAMP – Ito makes light feel tangible through hand-knotted cotton threads freely suspended on a cast brass frame.

NARENDRA KR CHAKRABORTY: SLEEFE – Transforming caps into smart wearables for video, scanning, remote presence, and enhancing convenience

RAVINDRA SINGH: MOBILITY FOR THE DISABLED AND ELDERLY – A Hybrid Wheelchair Attachment that elevates mobility by converting Manual wheelchair into Electric Powered wheelchair.


STUDIO LOTUS: RAAS CHHATRASAGAR – Distinctive wildlife camping venture that uniquely melds history, biodiversity, and sustainable construction

GAURAV RAJ SHARMA: VILLA FAGU – Sustainable house which explores the aesthetic, technical and symbolic possibilities of water-harvesting and passive-solar design.

SOUMITRO GHOSH: WILDGRASS-HOUSE IN THE NILGIRIS – An archetypal idea of home as a hut inspired by Adam’s hut and local colonial design, in Connor
for retired couples for weekends.

RUCHIRA RATHOD: HOTEL AT BODH GAYA -A tourist hotel in holy Buddhist city uses Memory and Emotion for immersive architecture reflecting Buddhism.

A LINE STUDIO: SKIN AND BONE RESIDENCE – Sustainable dwelling, built around the persona of retired school teacher to reflect change within society.

ABHA NARAIN LAMBAH ASSOCIATES: RESTORATION OF BYCULLA STATION – Byculla Station was restored respecting the original architectural features, building materials and construction techniques


JWALANT MAHADEVWALA: LOOP SEATER – A cantilevered bench that maintains visual tension making it a testament to the art of balance.

ROOSHAD SHROFF: MARBLE TUBES – Handmade lighting pieces crafted from Makrana with brass accents.

DEEPTASHREE SAHA: AKHARA SANDHARA – It innovatively melds sustainable materials, a tactile link to Indian wrestling heritage through materiality.

SHUBHANGAM SINGH: NITYA YANTRA – Koftgiri and art metalwork piece, promoting human ergonomics and self-restoration- amalgamation of traditions and modernity.

NANDITHA NAIR: POLA ALTERNATE COMPRESSED SHEETS FOR FURNITURE – Transforming invasive water hyacinth into alternative compressed sheets through bio-fabrication.


NEBIN ASHARAF: LUMINOCAGE – EXPERIENTIAL RETAILING & IMMERSIVE PRODUCT SHOWCASE – A futuristic commercial space that prioritizes dynamic lighting, categorized product displays, sensory experiences, and an Alexa-controlled system for client interactions.

SPARSH: THERMAL FLOATER – A floating solar energy system that triples efficiency while cutting costs, for scalability, modularity, accessibility.

NEBIN ASHARAF: ISO.BOT – A smart, adaptable medical assistant which aims at minimizing contact between patients and healthcare workers.

PRIYANSHU MUKHOPADHYAY: EPICUE – A sweat powered, heat stress management PPE for workers in high heat conditions.

UNMESH PATIL: POKÉMON HOLOSTATION – An Interactive holographic 360-degree multiplayer gaming system with collectable cards.

These Mycoliving chairs are an example of fungi-based built environment

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