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With Lewis Hamilton announcing his departure from Mercedes, speculations were rampant on who he would join or if would he rather continue with the German outfit.

We now have news that the German outfit will be losing perhaps their most successful driver yet, who has spent over 11 years is set to join the red Italians, Ferrari as they charge for season 2025 along Charles Leclerc.

Taking to social media, Hamilton has stated that it is time for him to take on a new challenge as he had once during his first season in 2013. He states that though people would not understand back then as many are puzzled now, he remains clear that this is a new opportunity.

He concluded by stating that his focus is towards the next season and placing the German outfit at the front and is determined to see it through.

At the age of 39, Lewis Hamilton shot at the world championship and now rests with the red Scuderia Ferrari. What do you think?