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The Lamborghini Countach is making a comeback! We can confirm from Lamborghini’s social media pages that it certainly isn’t fooling around. It’d be quite toxic for Lamborghini to play with a grown adult’s emotions.

Marcello Gandini’s design of the Countach had left everybody in love with it. Almost every kid had the Countach’s poster hung up their bedroom’s wall. But, reintroducing the Countach in today’s time, does it make sense? Will the Countach brand have that everlasting effect that it had when it was first dropped? Or is this Lamborghini’s concept car of the future? We’ve seen many automobile manufacturers use some of their legendary monikers from the past and stuck them on new models. If you look around there are many in our own market.

We can come up with so many possibilities for the new Countach. Whatever Lamborghini’s planning with it, we just hope it does justice to the moniker. Having said that, this announcement from Lamborghini only builds up our level of excitement. Let us know what would you want in the new Countach?