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Sitting proudly in the top-but-one category of performance-orientated cars, the Lamborghini Aventador S isn’t just a ‘regular’ Aventador with new stickers. It doesn’t have any of those. What it instead is an Aventador ready for 2017, both in the way it looks and (as we’re told) drives. Pricing isn’t 2016, either, with it retailing for Rs 5.01 crore, ex-showroom, Mumbai.

So what would make you take the plunge? Well, if the sharp lines don’t win you over in the first place, the bumpers are redesigned, there are new wheels, and improved aerodynamics, as a result. Look beyond all that, and there’s the little homage to the Countach in the way the rear wheel arch is curved (squared).

Lamborghini Aventador S rear launched India

And while it shares the ’S’ in its monicker with the Countach, underneath, the Aventador S is a different beast altogether. It weighs 1,575 kilos (dry weight), is powered by a 6.5-litre V12 which now makes 730 bhp and 70.36 kgm, and comes with a seven-speed robotised gearbox. Giddy up, because the numbers might be dizzying, but its 0-100 kph time of under three seconds (2.9 to be precise) is less than the time you must have taken to read this sentence. The top-speed is rated at 350 kph, should you wonder.

Lamborghini Aventador S interior India launch

Elsewhere, apart from the four-wheel drive, there’s also rear-wheel steer, new suspension, and a new driving mode. So apart from Strada (comfort; relative, of course), Sport (rear-biased), Corsa (racetrack), there’s the EGO mode, which lets you select individually the traction, steering, and suspension settings. Also, adding to the power, aerodynamic, and chassis upgrades are the set of newly developed Pirelli P Zero tyres and a lighter (by more than 20 kilos) exhaust system.

All that should make you sign the cheque already. Just hear that thing: