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Mumbai-based Kwikfix Auto has been around since 2013, and has just launched its latest service catering to premium car owners. It is essentially a mobile run-flat tyre changer, which is said to have been engineered keeping in mind the needs and extra attention required for the functioning of premium cars.

This service is part of KwikFix Auto’s broader strategy to bring high-end auto care out of the confines of traditional service centers and into the customer-centric era. As part of this service, not only does Kwikfix offer a full replacement of tyres, but also a thorough inspection for potential wear and tear, thus keeping a check on safety and performance.

Kwikfix Auto is not just limited to tyre services; it also offers denting / painting services, along with routine service items such as oil change, A/C and suspension repairing, clutch plate replacement, and car spa / cleaning services among others. Its services are available in multiple cities across India. These services can also be obtained either by downloading the app from Play Store, or by calling on this number: +919950345345.