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In a move to mitigate range anxiety for EV owners, Kia India has come up with a rather handy feature in the MyKia app, which it refers to as K-Charge. With K-Charge, users will now be able to locate over 1,000 charging stations across the country.

Kia has not just tailored this feature for its EV6 customers, but has also made access to this charging network available to any other EV owner.

How does this feature work? Well, the user can view and locate charging stations in the MyKia app itself using the incorporated Map My India maps integration. The app will show the user availability of charging slots, location of the charging facility and will even enable the user to pay through the app’s wallet service.

Kia has partnered with 5 charging point operators for this initiative. A special tie-up with one of the CPOs, Relux Electric, will offer customers 3 months of free charging through the company’s charging stations.

The K-Charge initiative comes as a part of Kia’s ‘EV for All’ vision through which, it aims to achieve an annual sales target of one million EVs by the year 2026. Kia also aims at launching a locally manufactured EV likely to be the all-electric Carens in India by 2030.