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Now hold on there. The Ioniq 5 N is, as Gallardo puts it, ‘nuclear’, but then Hyundai goes on and showcases this?! What is the Hyundai NPX1 anyway? The NPX1 is the first concept car based on the already-maddening Ioniq 5 N, featuring bits, accessories and certain mods from the N Performance parts catalogue which will be offered to customers in the near future.

Why does the Hyundai NPX1 exist? Well, like we said earlier, it showcases the N Performance parts catalogue, but also because Hyundai wants to enhance the EV ownership experience for people. The NPX1 is finished in a shade of matte black, with blue inserts on certain components. Compared to the Ioniq 5 N, the NPX1 gets a redesigned bumper along with a huge front splitter made of carbon fibre. The side skirts are new as well, along with lightweight carbon fibre alloy wheels.

The rear gets a large splitter and a wing spoiler

The rear gets a completely new four-block diffuser along with a large wing spoiler. If you notice closely, the NPX1 also gets a lower stance thanks to the lower spring settings, and it also makes use of high-performance brake pads to come to a halt. No images of the interiors are out yet. However, Hyundai says the interiors of NPX1 feature alcantara materials and race-spec bucket seats.

Hyundai says the parts used on the NPX1 concept will be further developed for production in preparation for sales in 2024. Starting with the Ioniq 5 N, Hyundai will expand the availability of N Performance Parts products for all N models.

Any chance we get some allocations too? Hyundai, you listening? Hello?