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If you’re an electric vehicle owner, you must have had this thought in your mind; ‘I wish fast-charging units were more accessible.’ It seems like your thoughts have reached the ears of Hyundai India, which has just expanded its ultra-fast charging station reach. The Korean car maker says it currently has 11 fast charging stations deployed all across India, while also claiming that it is the only manufacturer to do so yet.

Hyundai says each of its ultra-fast charging stations currently has three charging units, one each of 30, 60, and 150 kW. Five ultra-fast charging stations are currently setup on the major highways, such as Delhi-Chandigarh, Delhi-Jaipur, Hyderabad-Vijayawada, Mumbai-Surat, and Mumbai-Nashik. The other six are setup in cities such as Gurugram, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore. These moves are to help facilitate EV adoption and also reduce range anxiety for inter-city and intra-city trips.

Most of these charging stations are operational 24×7, with the necessary manpower deployed. These charging stations are also in close proximity to amenities such as restaurants and coffee shops, to help the customer kick back and relax while their EV charges. The charging sessions can be booked at an attractive price for Rs 18 per unit for the 30 kW charger, Rs 21 per unit for 60 kW charging and Rs 24 per unit for the 150 kW charger. Hyundai is also planning to install 10 more chargers by 2024, and drive up the total tally to 100 charging stations by 2027.

Hyundai currently has the Kona and the Ioniq 5 in its Indian EV lineup, and it plans to add more electric vehicles, specifically the Creta EV which is expected to debut later this year.