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Hyundai India has managed to sell more than 10 lakh (1 million) units of the i20 premium hatchback in various iterations, over a span of seven and a half years. These include both domestic and export sales.

How many?

Launched on December 29, 2008, the first generation i20 not just offered a substantial upgrade over the Getz but also looked and felt more premium than the competition. In about six years, Hyundai India managed to sell a little more than 7.5 lakh units of the vehicle. Of which 3.67 lakh were sold in India, and 3.89 lakh were exported.

Current sales

What’s surprising is that, with the major generation upgrade that followed in the form of the Elite i20, the company managed to sell more than half of the earlier i20s in just two years. The Elite i20 managed about 2.22 lakh sales (2.05 lakh domestic and 16k exports), while the i20 Active crossover further increased the number by 38k units. The total count of i20s sold is 1,017,110.

It’s unsurprising how the premium hatchback market has grown, with the Elite i20 averaging about 10,000 units every month since the start of 2016.