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Trust Hyundai to come up with exciting news one after the other! After its Exter won the coveted Indian Car Of The Year 2024, Hyundai has now announced an exciting collaboration with Red Bull. Both brands will work together to introduce Red Bull Urban Downhill; an extreme mountain biking sport, which is set to take place in Aizwal, Mizoram, in March 2024.

So what is the Red Bull Urban Downhill exactly? It is a high-speed downhill course, with high jump ramps and various other obstacles to make things a bit more ‘interesting’ through the race. The Red Bull Urban Downhill is organized on a global level, and Hyundai says this sport has garnered a high amount of engagement, with a majority of it coming from India on digital platforms. Hyundai says that mountain biking has a substantial fan base in the North-East regions of India, and through this collaboration with Red Bull, it is aiming for the growth of mountain biking as a sport throughout India.

Both firms have teamed up with renowned Red Bull athlete Tomas Slavik; a two-time winner of the UCI Four-Cross World Championship, who also created a documentary on his recent visit to India. Along with Slavik, Hyundai and Red Bull have also partnered with Smriti Mandhana; currently the most well-known opening batter of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team.

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