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Honda’s absence from the executive saloon space will soon end with the launch of the new Honda Accord in India. One of the most successful brand names in the segment, Honda Accord will be back on October 25. But this time, it’s sharper on the outside, more cosseting on the inside, and has enough green tech to keep the environment conscious buyer happy.

Like before, it will sit atop the Honda line-up in the country. But unlike in the past, it will only be available in a hybrid avatar. That makes complete sense as its key rival, the Toyota Camry, has quite some presence in the segment thanks to its hybrid powertrain.

Power comes from a combination of a 2-litre engine and two motors. It is mated to a CVT automatic gearbox, and with a claimed fuel economy of 23.1 km/l, promises to be a frugal everyday car. The combined output of 215bhp shouldn’t be too bad for everyday use, either.

It will be imported as a completely built unit, and hence FAME tax benefits won’t be applicable to it, so expect it to be substantially more expensive than its locally produced rivals. But with an intelligent hybrid system underneath, it surely deserves the extra money. How much extra? Well let’s wait till the 25th to find that out, shall we?