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While the electric two-wheeler market in India is crowded with both legacy brands and startups alike, the electric car segment, so far, has been dominated by the former. However, things are looking to change, as Gensol Electric Vehicles has just dropped teasers of its first electric car that’s due in March 2024. Gensol Electric Vehicles is a subsidiary of Gensol Engineering and part of the Gensol group, which focuses on solar energy and the production of solar powerplants.

Gensol claims its upcoming three-door EV will pack a lot of features

Based on the video, the upcoming Gensol car appears to be a three-door, two-seater, and Gensol claims the car will be equipped with features such as a driver assistance suite, or ADAS in easy terms, along with a sunroof, and an AI-based cloud analytics system among other things.

Gensol is aiming for a 200 km range and 80 kmph top speed

In terms of figures, Gensol is aiming for 200 km of range on a single charge, while also aiming for an 80 kmph top speed. Gensol also claims to have an in-house vehicle testing track, along with an end-of-life testing facility to ensure optimum quality and performance from its upcoming car.

Coming in March 2024, Gensol seems to be eyeing the MG Comet

The yet-unnamed three-door car will be Gensol EV’s foray into the Indian electric car segment, and it seems to be rivalling the MG Comet. However, the teaser may also remind you of the long-gone Mahindra E20 lineup, a few examples of which can still be found plying on roads, most commonly seen in Bangalore.

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