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The original Ford GT40 made quite a name for itself when it managed to humiliate Ferrari at endurance racing, way back when. The modern interpretation of it, the GT (the ’40’ was dropped for legal reasons, although it wasn’t 40 inches tall any more, either) was also a good exercise in brand building, and the soon-to-be-launched GT manages that very well, too.

So well, in fact, that it has received over 7000 applications for just 500 cars. “Why an application,” you ask? Well, just like Ferrari’s ultra-limited models, the bigwigs at Ford have made buying the current GT a process that will benefit Ford a little more than a straight-up purchase and profit would. You see, a GT owner also becomes an ambassador for the Blue Oval, as per the manufacturer, so Ford will choose accordingly. The ideal mix will be a businessman who will drive his GT (as opposed to keeping it in a nitrogen bag in the basement) and if said business runs a fleet of Fords, so much the better. Oh, if you purchased the previous GT new and are still in possession of one, you’ll surely find yourself at the head of the line.

This isn’t like a standard Amazon online sale, however: if you’re one of the chosen few, you’ve got to sign a contract with the company that you won’t sell your GT as soon as you’ve taken delivery to make money off it. The asking price is Rs 3 crore before taxes and duties, so it’s going to cost a pretty packet. Applications will be welcomed until May 12, so if you think you’re eligible, go ahead and book one at If you do manage to get one, do give us a call.

There’s one person who Ford already thinks fits the bill, and his name is, er, Bill. Bill Ford, that is. He’ll be taking delivery of the GT with serial #1.