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Recently Lewis Hamilton had launched a new charitable initiative with Mercedes to support diversity and inclusion in motorsport. ‘Ignite’, the new charity will focus on inspiring enthusiasm for motorsport through STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education.

Mohammed ben Sulayem, FIA presidential candidate, in support of the Lewis Hamilton Commission, has now announced a new global ‘FIA University’. This University will increase diversity, education, training and mobility within motorsport. This December, President Jean Todt will step down from his duties after serving the maximum 12-year term limit. Mohammed ben Sulayem does have a strong plan to take the FIA University forward.

Investment into research to transform the FIA into a knowledge-led federation. New engineering scholarships for students in Africa, the Americas, Middle East, Europe and Asia. A structured graduate internship scheme in sport and mobility to upskill member clubs. Nominated members to study at the university with subjects covering all manners of sporting and mobility topics, ranging from academic to vocational. Member clubs access to life-long learning programmes designed to help them grow and attract new and emerging talent through partnerships with mobility stakeholders, Formula One teams, governments, experts and universities.

Further, Mohammed ben Sulayem said, ‘We’re aiming to create a world-leading Federation-based university…to create wider opportunities for young people from diverse backgrounds – the FIA University will be a first and considerable step in making this a reality and making the FIA a knowledge leader.’

If anything, this should encourage young motoring enthusiasts. The motoring and motorsport industry has plenty of opportunities to offer and will only grow from here on with the aforementioned steps.