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Formula One has signed an exclusive two-year media rights deal with FanCode, India, a sports media broadcast platform that started in March 2019. As of now, the broadcast network hosts 1.5 crore users who watch a variety of sports including Formula One, being the most recent and anticipated join.

This means that Formula One fans in India need only pay Rs. 599 per year as compared to Rs. 2,499 per year through the Formula One official broadcast platform called F1 TV. While the latter does have archives of previous racing dating back to the 1960s, special documentaries and inside information which will not be available via FanCode, many fans have expressed their delight to watch Formula One at a much cheaper price.

This season of Formula One is historic in having a record number of races in one season totaling 24 races across the world. Formula One, director of media rights, Ian Holmes has stated that he is delighted that the fans in India will watch Formula One through FanCode. He has also stated that the number of fans in India now numbers 60 million and is only growing.

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