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Hang in there, racing nerds. The CoASTT High Performance Centre will get an FIA Grade 2 circuit along with a CIK-FIA Grade 1 karting track. Coimbatore already has the famous Kari Motor Speedway, and the CoASTT racetrack will be Coimbatore’s second. By the way, CoASTT stands for Coimbatore Auto Sports & Transport Trust, and it’s thanks to them and the folks at Mumbai Falcons that we will have another racetrack to drive our hearts out.

Before you ask, this racetrack won’t see any F1 races in the future (if at all F1 decides to come back in India). Since this is an FIA Grade 2 circuit, it can only host F2 racing events and other racing events. The circuit’s design was conceptualised by Narain Karthikeyan (first Indian to race in F1) and Arjun Balu (multi-time Indian National Touring Car Champion). Considering the amount of experience these two racers bring to the table, we’re hoping the track will be a belter.

Coming to the circuit, it’s 3.8 km in length and will have 14 corners. Interestingly, the last corner will have a banked section that will lead the racers onto the start/finish straight. Just imagine the USA’s Indianapolis circuit, and you’ll get a fair idea. Well, we’re not expecting the bank to be that steep, of course, but we hope you get the point. As for lap times, an F2 racecar should lap the circuit around the 1 minute 30 seconds range, averaging up to 170 kph. There’s still time left for the circuit to be fully completed, but it should be ready by March. Hey, we definitely don’t mind putting some rubber down on the track, whenever it’s ready.