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The Citroën Basalt Vision, an SUV Coupé concept, has just been unveiled. This model is slated to join the brand’s lineup in India and South America in the latter half of 2024. Citroën states that the SUV has been co-developed between the head and local development offices for a better customer experience.

The name “Basalt” reflects the model’s robustness and serenity, drawing inspiration from the volcanic rock.

Citroën states that the SUV’s philosophy is imbibed in the vehicle’s construction, with a promise of reliability and endurance for peace of mind on the road, with its elevated ground clearance and spacious interiors.

Citroën has further stated that as the latest addition to Citroën’s range, the Basalt Vision is aligned with the brand’s focus on growth in India and South America. Building on the C3 and C3 Aircross, the Basalt Vision represents the third stage of Citroën’s C-Cubed program, a product tailored to regional preferences. The French automaker furthered their statements about their focus on quality of life features and a unique driving experience.

Thierry Koskas, Citroën’s CEO, highlights its innovative design and anticipated appeal to a wide customer base. The Basalt Vision, he states, represents a departure in its segment, merging attributes from different automotive genres to meet diverse customer expectations. With its SUV characteristics conveying modernity and robustness, the model boasts a solid presence on the road, complemented by its coupé-like rear design for enhanced dynamism.

Scheduled for a launch in the latter part of 2024, the Citroën Basalt Vision targets young professionals and families.

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