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Looking to buy your next set of tyres? How about checking out Bridgestone’s latest tyre series? The Japanese tyre manufacturer has launched its latest tyre series called the Turanza 6i, which prioritizes comfort over other things and is aimed at the premium segment. While it is available for sale now, Bridgestone said it will announce prices in the coming days.

The Turanza 6i tyre series is available in various sizes ranging between 14-inches to 20-inches, which should give you a clear idea of the target customer. Bridgestone claims these tyres come with ‘Enliten’ technology which enhances fuel efficiency and wear life, while also offering low noise, and a comfortable ride experience. Through all these parameters, Bridgestone also says these tyres are EV ready.

The Bridgestone Turanza 6i can be had in various sizes

Rajarshi Moitra, Chief Commercial Officer, Bridgestone India, commented that the Turanza range will be offered via Bridgestone’s premium outlets across the country, while Hiroshi Yoshizane Managing Director, Bridgestone India, stated that the ‘Enliten’ technology enables them to offer a comfortable ride experience while also enhancing the basic performance desired by customers.