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One can never have enough as far as performance cars go. There will always be something lighter, faster, more powerful, sharper, or better looking than the one you have, or desire to have. But there’s also been a dearth of sports cars on the right side of Rs 1 crore. Which is where BMW’s latest, the BMW M2 Competition fits perfectly.

Priced at Rs 79.9 lakh, the BMW M2 Competition doesn’t just promise to be a good alternative to the current line of coupes in the segment, it can potentially make many an enthusiast stop and take notice at the mere mention of the headline figures.

First, it’s powered by a rather special engine — the one from the BMW M3 and M4. The turbocharged 3-litre straight six unit makes 404.3 bhp and 56.12 kgm. A dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox sends power to the rear wheels, through the Active M Differential. Isn’t it as BMW as a BMW could get! All of this helps the car achieve a claimed 0-100 kph time of just 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 250 kph.

There are M bits all over the car, and since the 2 Series isn’t available here, the M2 Competition is likely to remain an exclusive car. The interior also has all sorts of M fitments, too, and comes complete with M style dials and red needles in the instrument panel. The touchscreen infotainment system can be uprated to Harman Kardon 360-watt audio unit, while the standard option includes a 205-watt 16.5-cm colour display. Exterior colour choices include Alpine White, Sunset Orange, Hockenheim Silver, Long Beach Blue, and Black Sapphire.

Can’t wait to drive it, says the whole office in unison. We’re certain if you like BMWs or performance cars in general, you can’t wait, either.