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If you’ve followed Hyundai’s recent announcements, you would’ve noticed the extra emphasis on the term ‘connected SUV’. Which is how the company has positioned the upcoming sub-Creta Hyundai Venue. The compact SUV will come loaded with what Hyundai refers to as BlueLink Connectivity Technology.

There are 33 connected features on the vehicle out of which 10 are India-specific. These include features related to safety, security, remote, vehicle relationship management, located-based services, alert services, and AI.

The vehicle comes with an inbuilt eSIM which will ensure seamless connectivity and continued functioning of the features. Remote operations include engine start/stop, climate control, door lock/unlock, horn and light, vehicle status, Find My Car, and Share My Car. In case of theft, vehicle theft tracking and immobilisation are going to be useful. In addition, there are other functionalities, too: speed alert, geo fence alert, panic notification, and the ability to share destination.

Hyundai mentions that SOS, Road Side Assistance, and BlueLink buttons are places on the inside rear view mirror for easy access. There’s also automatic crash notification, Medical and Panic assistance, Live Car Tracking, Location Sharing, etc. The system also boasts voice recognition with an enhanced ability to understand Indian English.

MD and CEO for Hyundai Motor India, Seon Seon Kim said, “We are delighted to share that Hyundai VENUE, our upcoming SUV will come equipped with the Hyundai Global BlueLink Connectivity solution for our customers in India making it the Most Smart Connected SUV in the Market. The Connected car technology is becoming more interactive and intuitive connecting people to their families, work, and society with unlimited possibilities. Hyundai VENUE with BlueLink will create quality time and ease of life in 3rd space of customers by always being connected while they are on the go. The Hyundai BlueLink will revolutionise the future of Indian Connected Cars and we are very happy to be leading at the technology front. With 10 India specific features, I am confident that Hyundai BlueLink will be the most Practical, Concrete and Convenient Connected car technology for the Indian market. The BlueLink technology will be available in future Hyundai Products starting from Hyundai VENUE, thus democratising the technology and making it accessible for everybody.”