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Bentley’s W12 is iconic, to say the least. This quiet powerhouse would make 738 bhp and at such a pace, that the first few seconds of anyone is a jaw-dropping experience. Yet, Bentley now has introduced a V8 hybrid. Is it a worthy successor?

The new hybrid V8 produces nearly 88 bhp more than the W12 through what Bentley calls an electrocharged engine which behaves similarly to a turbo in basic function while allowing the Bentley to have a four-figure torque number. The new hybrid will also boasts an electric-only drive mode which can over nearly 80 km before the engine would need to kick in. Bentley states that this will help them reduce carbon emissions from their vehicles to under 50 grams per km.

While we are yet to receive more details on the hybrid engine itself, Bentley has stated that all cars will now feature the new V8 hybrid engine, one they have also stated to have a very distintic growl and not the loud silence of a typical hybrid engine.