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You probably might have heard of cars takings several years to finish their design and testing process. The carbon fibre wheels that you see on this 2.4-tonne Bentley Bentayga took five years for the team to develop! Saving a total of 24 kg. Whew.

Bentley engineered these 22-inch carbon fibre wheels with the help of Italian composite manufacturer, Bucci Composites. Each wheel saves 6 kg of weight as compared to the aluminium wheels. Oh, and they are the largest carbon fibre wheels in production to have also passed the TÜV testing. Of course, the wheels were even tested at the Green Hell (Nürburgring) race track.

The good thing about these carbon fibre wheels is not just the 24-kg weight saving that it offers, but it reduces the tyre wear and increases safety. On the safety bit, due to the carbon’s stiffness when the wheel receives a high impact, the carbon weave pulls apart and the tyre loses air gradually as opposed to the instant deflation that you would observe on an aluminium rim after an impact.

Well, you can spec these carbon-fibre rims on your Bentayga when they’re available later this year. It would be safe to assume that these rims would cost a bomb!