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Here’s some good news for current and future Audi owners in India.

Audi India, which comprised of teams representing a number of Audi dealerships across India, secured the fourth rank in the ‘Technology’ category at the recently held Audi Twin Cup 2016, held this year at Portugal’s Algarve region. While the fourth rank in the ‘Technology’ category was won by teams from Audi Gurgaon, Audi Ludhiana and Audi Mumbai South, Audi Chandigarh, Audi Kochi and Audi Mumbai West managed to secure 8th place in the ‘Service’ category. The efforts of all the teams combined earned Audi India the 8th place in the Technology and Service category.

A bit about the Audi Twin Cup championship. It is a global hunt for the best Audi after-sales team with different nations where Audi has a presence, competing for the honours. Held for the twentieth time this year, at the Audi Twin Cup championships, teams consisting of service advisors and technicians competed for two days on technical challenges which tested their abilities to diagnose issues, and the service side, which is how they interacted with customers. A total of 71 teams from 36 countries had made it to the final round this year, so the title was fiercely fought, which eventually was won by the Russian delegation.