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Audi’s moving forward with the electric juggernaut as it launches yet another electric vehicle in the Indian market. Here’s the all-new e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT priced at Rs 1.8 crore and Rs 2.05 crore (all prices ex-showroom) respectively. These are electric vehicles, but they’re high on performance. The 523-bhp e-tron GT does the 0-100-kph sprint in 4.1 seconds while the 637-bhp RS e-tron GT does it in 3.3 seconds. That’s properly quick! It’s also partyl due to the fact that both the cars have launch control which gives you an instant 2.5 second boost.

As far as the range is concerned, the 83.7-kWh lithium-ion battery powered RS e-tron GT gets anywhere between 401-481 km, whereas the 93.4-kWh lithium-ion battery powered e-tron GT has 388-500 km of range. Get from 5 per cent to 80 per cent charge in 20 minutes, if you get hold of a 270-kW DC charger. Otherwise, you can trickle charge it with a 22-kW AC charger. You can use Audi’s e-Hub to charge your electric vehicles it doesn’t necessarily has to be an Audi EV. Quite generous of Audi.

Inside, everything else resembles the fit and finish of the modern Audis. It features the Audi Virtual Cockpit and MMI touch. In addition to that, there’s 16-speaker and a 710-watt B&O sound system. Do stay tuned for our review on them.