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No one would judge you if you thought the Range Rover Evoque and the Landwind X7 weren’t different cars. And unless you’re ace at ‘spot the differences’ , the X7 — a cheap, tasteless copy of the Evoque — might just go unnoticed.


Both continue to co-exist in the Chinese market, but a recent minor accident between the two showed that they are indeed different cars. The Landwind X7 costs about a third of the Evoque, is a tad bigger in size, and has an equally large, albeit less powerful engine. And, needless to say, looks exactly like the Evoque.


While JLR’s lawsuit against Landwind is nowhere close to a judgement, the Chinese police were quick to find out that the X7’s driver was at fault in this case. Surprising, eh? It sure must have been embarrassing for the driver, not just because of the nudge between the two but also the fact that buying a ridiculous fake is as bad as it can get.