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Yes, the Wagoneer has always been a more road-focused Jeep, and with the Wagoneer S, the car maker says it is beginning a new chapter. However, if you saw the teaser video, it began with a race against the Tesla Model Y, and ended up with a race against its gas-powered cousin, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, in the sand. That’s one way to demonstrate the all-round abilities of the Wagoneer S. But still, when did Jeep start bothering with the fastest 0-100 kph times?

On first glance, you’ll see that the production version of the Jeep Wagoneer S retains nearly every bit of the concept car’s design. Sure, it doesn’t get a very boxy silhouette like other Jeeps, as it focuses on aerodynamic efficiency, with bits such as the sloping roofline, the precisely-angled hood and windshield, and a rear spoiler.

Then there’s the front-end; the concept car’s illuminated seven-slat grille has been retained, which is basically a reimagined version of Jeep‘s traditional seven-slat grille. The only difference is that it’s closed-off, since the Wagoneer S doesn’t require that extra cooling. Following modern-day design trends, the tail-lights are connected by an LED strip, and overall, you get an SUV that looks nothing like Jeep has ever done before.

What makes the Wagoneer S stand out even more is the usage of darker, more neutral paint schemes and the use of darker elements, such as 20-inch gloss black alloy rims, and neutral grey elements elsewhere. And did you notice the absence of chrome on this car?

Underpinned by the STLA platform, the Wagoneer S gets all-wheel drive, with one electric motor placed on either end. However, the front motor is equipped with wheel disconnects to enhance range while cruising. The Selec-terrain system makes its way here as well with five modes; auto, sport, snow, eco, snow, and sand. The dual-electric motor setup produces 591 bhp and ‘more than’ 81.57 kgm of torque. Backed by a 100 kWh battery pack, Jeep claims it can be charged from 20 to 80% in just 23 minutes via a DC fast charger. While Jeep says the Wagoneer S can cover ‘more than 482 km on a single charge’, the official range figure is yet to be announced.

Inside, the Wagoneer S offers what Jeep calls ‘45-inches of usable screen space’, with two touch screen units on the centre console, while there’s also a passenger display screen, similar to what the Grand Cherokee offers right here. There’s also 64-colour active ambient lighting on offer, along with electronic door latches, a 19-speaker MacIntosh sound system, and heating/ventilation function on the rear seats.

Given that Jeep says the Wagoneer S is a global model for key markets, we can’t help but wonder if the car maker will bring it here. Only time will answer that question, and something tells us it’s likely to be good news considering the Range Rover EV is on its way here too, and an all-electric Range Rover Sport will follow globally.