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Alfa Romeo’s first production EV has arrived, and as you’ve already seen above, the Italian brand thankfully hasn’t let go of the gas pedal just yet. Alfa Romeo says the Milano is the spiritual successor to its old hatchbacks like the Mito and the Giuiletta. The Alfa Romeo Milano is also supposed to be the brand’s return ticket to the compact-SUV segment in Europe.

The Alfa Romeo Milano follows the three-door design language

Let’s take a look at the EV version. The Alfa Romeo Milano Elettrica makes use of a single electric motor placed at the front, and this is available in two trims with varying output levels; the lower trim producing 153 bhp, and there’s obviously a higher-spec trim with 236 bhp on offer. Both trims are backed by a 54 kWh Li-ion battery pack, with a claimed range of 410 km on the lower trim, while the higher trim claims to cover 590 km on a single charge. In terms of charging, Alfa Romeo claims just 30 minutes for a 10-80% charge.

The Milano Hybrid packs a 1.2-litre, three-cylinder petrol powertrain, paired with a 21 kW electric and a 48V battery. Even with this setup, power is sent through a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission, ultimately putting out 134 bhp. The Alfa Romeo Milano hybrid promises to run in EV mode not just in the city or at parking speeds, but also on highways at up to 150 kph, albeit with a limited load.

The Milano comes with ChatGPT integration for its voice assistant system

In terms of equipment, the Alfa Romeo Milano offers ChatGPT integration into the ‘Hey Alfa’ voice assistant, along level-two ADAS, a 360-degree camera, OTA updates, navigation, and remote functions for the doors, headlights, and air-conditioning.

Alfa Romeo aims to offer a sporty driving experience, and as such, it has lowered the suspension setup by 25 mm and has also made certain adjustments to the roll bars to allow quick cornering with high grip levels. It is also fitted with 380 mm discs with four-piston monobloc callipers for added stopping power.

Does this remind you of something?

If you want to buy one, you have no other choice but to immigrate to Europe, since there seems to be no way Alfa Romeo will ever enter the Indian market.