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The last one or two years have seen multiple sports cars and supercars go the way of the Dodo bird. Meanwhile, the GT-R, introduced as part of Nissan’s revival plan back in 2009, has remained more or less the same. However, the R35 GT-R has been the subject of rumours lately, and rather strong ones this time. But why, you ask?

A small disclaimer in Nissan’s official press release states that the 2025 GT-R will be produced in limited numbers, although there is no exact number of units mentioned. Global sales of the car are beginning in June. With that bit clarified, what’s new this time?

While we’re still fans of how it looks, certain audiences might be expecting a change

While still retaining the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6, the GT-R Premium Edition T-spec and the Track Edition now receive high precision weight-balanced piston rings, connecting rods, and crankshafts from the GT-R Nismo Special Edition. However, there are no changes mentioned in terms of output figures, which means it produces the same 565 bhp and 64.56 kgm of torque.

New ‘blue haven’ interiors on the Premium Edition

Both models also receive aluminium ‘takumi’ name plates as well as gold-coloured model number plates in the engine bay, while on the inside, the Premium Edition gets a new ‘blue haven’ interior upholstery.

This rear is iconic!

The GT-R used to be on sale here, and it would be wishful thinking on our part to see it return. As for the rumours regarding its demise, we think the GT-R deserves a proper celebration before being driven into the sunset, rather than just disappearing unceremoniously. Maybe it could take a leaf out of Dodge’s book and offer some official final edition models. This could perhaps lead us to an all-new R36, which could likely be fully-electric. Oh wait, that could be the production version of the Hyper Force concept, right?