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Blame the times and the world we’re living in; why else would McLaren (and other sports car manufacturers) even think of adding hybrid assistance to its fire-breathing demons? But anyway, that’s besides the point. Having debuted its hybrid electric sports car back in 2022, McLaren says it has given the Artura lineup a comprehensive set of upgrades. Really? Let’s find out.

Immediately let’s pop the hood; the 3.0-litre V6 powertrain has been recalibrated, along with the axial flux electric motor setup. The power output has gone up by 19.7 bhp, thus resulting in a combined output of 690 bhp and 73.41 kgm of torque. Triple digits come up in just 3 seconds, and McLaren claims a top speed of 330 kph. The car maker also claims to have used new powertrain mounts to enhance driving dynamics and handling, along with revised calibration for the eight-speed gearbox that helps in reduced shift times.

To come to a stop, the Artura Spider uses carbon ceramic discs, enhanced lightweight aluminium calipers and new brake cooling ducts. With revised ABS calibration, McLaren claims braking distances for the Spider and the Coupe are 31 m to standstill from 100 kph, wearing Pirelli P Zero tyres, with a 19-inch front and 20-inch rear layout.

Built on the core carbon fibre monocoque, the Artura Spider has a kerb weight of 1,560 kg, which is said to be the lightest in its category as of now. It weighs only 62 kg more than the Artura Coupe thanks to the usage of carbon fibre in the Spider’s retractable hard top. Speaking of the hardtop, it operates in just 11 seconds, at speeds of upto 50 kph.

Not that this point would matter to anyone buying a McLaren, but the car maker claims the Artura Spider is the most fuel-efficient McLaren ever; it can be driven for a maximum of 33 km in EV-only mode. Well, that could be an interesting test to carry out if we get our hands on it here (or maybe not).

Apart from the EV-only mode, the Artura Spider gets three additional driving modes; comfort, sport, and track. The rear suspension of the Artura Spider comes with a bespoke version of McLaren’s Proactive Damping Control System. Furthermore, there are three dynamic handling modes, with increased level of body control through damper adjustments.

Can we expect the 2025 Artura lineup to make its way here? There’s only one way to find out; wait for a teaser.