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The Renault Duster was among the first monocoque SUVs to hit the Indian market back in the day, and when it arrived, people just couldn’t get enough of it. However, demand started dwindling over the years for various reasons, and it ended up biting the dust (excuse the pun!) Now, there is an all-new Duster that has just made its global debut after quite a lot of anticipation. Interestingly, the 2024 Duster has been unveiled as a Dacia — a subsidiary of the French car maker.

We reckon the India-spec Duster will have some tweaks

The 2024 Renault Duster flaunts an all-new design that’s a radical departure from the SUV many Indians fell in love with. This one gets a much slimmer grille and sleeker headlights, with a DRL strip running in the middle. The side profile is not very dramatic, but the hidden rear-door handle is an interesting touch, giving it the appearance of a three-door car. The Y-shaped tail lights stand out, and the tailgate receives a clean design as well. There’s generous usage of cladding as well, to further emphasize that you’re looking at an SUV.

Under the hood, there are three options to choose from; first up is the 1.6-litre strong hybrid turbo petrol (paired with two electric motors) that churns out a combined 141 bhp, and Renault says it is possible to drive it in EV-mode for 80 per cent of the time due to the high energy recovery capacity of the 1.2 kWh battery pack. Next is a 1.2-litre mild-hybrid turbo petrol, and lastly there is an LPG powertrain on offer as well. Power and torque outputs for both these powertrains remain unknown as of now.

For a brief period, Renault sold the Duster in an all-wheel drive trim, and the 2024 model also gets them, with five modes such as auto, snow, mud/sand, off-road, and eco. Ground clearance is rated at 217 mm, while approach and departure angles are marked at 31 and 36 degrees respectively.

The 10.1-inch touch screen is angled at 10-degrees towards the driver

Just like the outside, the interiors too are completely new, and the gear-lever may resemble the one seen on the Kardian. Renault says a lot of work has gone into getting the ergonomics right; for example, the 10.1-inch infotainment touch screen is said to be placed at a 10-degree angle towards the driver. The 2024 Duster also boasts of on-board navigation, cruise control, a 7-inch digital cluster, and a six-speaker Arkamys sound system among other things.

The hidden door handles gives it a three-door appearance

The 2024 Duster is highly likely to be among the products Renault is planning for its India offensive in the future. Renault owes it to the Duster; after all, that’s how it got its first real big break.