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Virtual racing is fun, but it can never replicate the excitement that real-world racing offers. Last year, Volkswagen Polo National Racing Championship was limited to virtual racing only, but we’re happy to report that this year it’s back racing in the real world. The first round of the 12th edition of Volkswagen Polo NRC was held at the MMRT between 24th-26th September, and a total of 22 drivers from India and neighbouring countries participated in it.

Race 1 classification
Race 1 winners

In the first race, it was Aditya Swaminathan from Bengaluru who took the top step, while the second race was dominated by Pratik Sonawane from Pune. In the second race, the grid was reversed, which put the winners of the first race right at the back of the grid. The second round will be again held at the MMRT between 10th-12th December.

Race 2 classification
Race 2 winners

Sirish Vissa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India said, ‘I am happy to be back on the track for our 12th edition of the MRF MMSC Volkswagen Polo National Racing Championship. The race weekend turned out to be eventful and power-packed as we witnessed some exhilarating performances and I would like to congratulate, both Aditya and Pratik, winners of the race 1 and 2 of round one. Like always, eagerly looking forward to the second round of the MRF MMSC Volkswagen Polo National Racing Championship 2021.’