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For a car that will ferry your family around, safety should be the number one priority. This is one area where the Venue delivers in spades. It comes with a host of active and passive safety features to keep you and your family safe.

The body structure, for example, uses a combination of Advanced High Strength Steel and High Strength Steel, enhancing the car’s durability in the event of a collision and ensuring better occupant protection.

On the active safety front, the Venue comes with a comprehensive Electronic Stability Control system which constantly monitors various parameters including steering angle, throttle position and wheel slip to keep you going in the right direction. ESP takes the stress out of emergency steering and braking maneuvers, giving you an additional layer of safety.

The Venue also has you covered in the event of a collision. It’s available with six airbags, which work with the crumple zones and seat belts to direct energy from the impact away from the passengers.

Safety is very important to us and that’s #WhyWeLoveTheVenue.