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Once upon a time, in the realm of cars and endless roads, Volkswagen beckoned us to delve into the enchanting world of off-roading with the Tiguan. Eager for adventure, we embarked on a quest, realizing that the story of the Tiguan extended beyond the asphalt— was about unravelling its remarkable features, driving comfort, and safety, combined with the thrill of exploration. A simple call to the friendly folks at Volkswagen handed us the keys to a Tiguan, setting the stage for a journey that transcended the ordinary.

Milemunching from Bombay to Goa!

Faced with the perennial question of ‘where to,’ I turned to Pablo, our executive editor at Motoring. Rather than suggesting a mere destination, he posed a different query: “Which car are you driving?” Proudly declaring the Tiguan as our chosen chariot, Pablo had a simple directive: ‘Come to Goa.’ And so, our odyssey from Bombay to Goa unfolded, paying homage to the classic Bollywood adventure that captured the spirit of exploration. The highways felt like a red carpet, and the Tiguan, equipped with a 2.0-litre TSI engine coupled with a 7-speed DSG transmission, proved as enthusiastic about the journey as we were. It effortlessly devoured miles, transforming our drive into a narrative of performance and joy.

Choosing the picturesque route through Satara-Kolhapur elevated our comfort to new heights, thanks to Tiguan‘s advanced three-zone climate control. This feature not only shielded us from the harsh sun but also kept us cool and refreshed as we glided along in sheer bliss. The seamless control over the in-cabin climate added an extra layer of enjoyment to our journey, creating an oasis of comfort amidst the scenic beauty. These are the kind of features that one expects from a premium SUV in this segment.

The good stuff!

Approaching the infamous Amboli Ghat, a road that could be likened to a rollercoaster, the Tiguan seamlessly transformed into our guardian angel. Negotiating potholes and navigating sharp turns became a breeze, all credit to the independent suspension system. It provided us with supreme comfort, turning what could have been a challenging stretch into a smooth and enjoyable ride. The Tiguan’s ability to glide effortlessly over uneven terrain showcased its prowess in delivering a comfortable and secure driving experience.

The Volkswagen Tiguan boasts of an impressive safety features list

The Tiguan boasts an impressive suite of safety elements, including six airbags that enveloped us in a protective cushion. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) ensured precise and controlled braking, even in the face of unexpected obstacles. Electronic stability control (ESC) and anti-slip regulation (ASR) seamlessly worked together to maintain stability and prevent skidding, ensuring a confident grip on challenging terrain. Navigating the twists of Amboli Ghat was made even more secure with the electronic differential lock (EDL) ensuring optimal power distribution to the wheels. The hill start assist and hill descent control features added a layer of reassurance, especially on steep inclines and declines. Engine drag torque control contributed to a smooth descent, enhancing control and stability.

That’s what happened once Pablo took the wheel

Goa welcomed us with serene weather, a gentle sunset, and an overall magical atmosphere. Pablo, with an excited gleam in his eye, took the Tiguan’s keys from me. As I handed them over, a twinge of sadness accompanied the realization that the Tiguan had become more than just a car; it felt like a trusted friend. Under Pablo’s astute guidance, our exploration of Goa delved into more than just scenic spots. He led us to a secret ground, transforming into a canvas for the Tiguan’s 4Motion technology. As he deftly turned the knob to off-road driving mode, the Tiguan painted a masterpiece, tackling dirt trails and uneven terrains with a grace that left us in awe. Pablo’s laughter echoed, harmonizing with the spirited dance of the Tiguan as it navigated the terrains with finesse. The joy was palpable, though it dawned on me that the ensuing dirt clouds meant a date with cleaning the car for the next three hours.

Goa is full of architectural delights

Our journey through Goa unfolded as a sensory delight—from exploring historic churches to venturing to the mystical Divar Island via the famous ro-ro ferries, the Tiguan emerged as our trusty sidekick. Its off-road prowess added an extra thrill, etching our adventure into memories we’d forever cherish. As our Goa exploration drew to a close, Pablo, albeit with a tinge of sadness, handed me the keys to the bundle of joy called Tiguan. It stood there, a silent hero in our adventure. Beyond being just a car, it became a companion, adapting to our every whim and fancy. Reflecting on our escapade, the Tiguan emerged as the unsung hero, seamlessly blending comfort, safety, performance, versatility, and the contagious spirit of adventure.

Throughout our journey, the Tiguan remained vigilant, thanks to the driver alert systems that kept us informed and focused. These features, collectively, transformed our drive into not just an adventure but a secure and comfortable exploration of the open roads. The Tiguan‘s safety arsenal, a blend of cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design, stood as a testament to Volkswagen‘s commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable driving experience for all.

Our journey was more than just covering miles; it was a tapestry of shared stories, laughter echoing within the Tiguan’s cosy confines and countless memories. Every twist in the road whispered tales of discovery, and the Tiguan played the notes with unmatched grace. As the sun set on our adventure, the Tiguan’s legacy lingered in the stories we wove—a tribute to the unstoppable spirit of exploration and the countless roads waiting to be conquered. Thus, our Tiguan Tales evolved into a chapter in the ever-expanding book of open-road adventures.