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Now, we’ve talked about everything from the exterior of the new Kia Sonet to its interior design. But with all this talk of the front seats, don’t think that the rear seat passengers have been ignored. The packaging of the Sonet’s interior allows for greater leg room, shoulder room and head room for the rear passengers, ensuring that they’re always comfortable. Rear seat passengers also get an integrated armrest with built-in cup holders. There’s plenty of storage cubbies to hold knick knacks, too. As a whole, the Sonet’s interior will impress everyone that sets foot inside it.

With all this space inside the cabin, what of the boot space, you ask? The designers at Kia have worked their magic on it and have endowed the Sonet with a 392-litre boot, which is the best in its category. It’s bigger in every dimension compared to the competition and has a lower loading height as well. With its perfect balance of form and function, the Sonet is truly the best compact SUV you can buy, but don’t just take our word for it — visit your nearest Kia dealership to check out the new Sonet in the flesh and see for yourself how well designed it is.