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Good design is all around us, but great design is hard to come by. Inside the new Kia Sonet, the true functionality of its great design shines through. The kinetic art lounge interior is inviting, intuitive and inspired by the latest technology. It comes with an integrated Bose music system, which, along with the LED sound mood lights gives you a lounge-like feeling inside the cabin. The interior of the Kia Sonet is full of thoughtful touches that make your life easier, like the ventilated seats up front, the integrated wireless charger, umbrella holders in the door pockets and mobile phone holders both front and back.

When you first step into the cabin, your eyes naturally gravitate towards the segment-leading 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which is connected to the 4.2-inch digital instrument cluster. Both of these screens present information to you in an organised and easy-to-read fashion. The steering wheel is great to hold and all the materials used on it are high quality too, as are all the other surfaces that you’ll touch.