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Wild — (Adj.) Living or growing in its natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.

To truly experience a wild child like the new Kia Sonet, we needed to take a trip to its natural habitat — the wilderness. It’s no easy task, however, to find wilderness in an urban jungle like Mumbai, so we set off on a road trip in search of a real jungle to truly experience the Sonet. A drive down the Konkan coast of Maharashtra is usually a safe bet to discover some wilderness, and that’s exactly what we did. Now, this drive is often a very slow one. Every few minutes, you come up to a spot so picturesque, it takes your breath away and you simply have to stop and take it all in.

Lush greenery and untouched beaches litter the western coast of India, but unfortunately, to access all of that, you need to endure broken tarmac and narrow roads. Thankfully, the Sonet is more than up to the task. It is, after all, wild by design, and is used to handling a lot more than broken tarmac.

All the bumps, undulations and potholes are taken in its stride without ever breaking a sweat. Low speed bumps are handled well (that’s a given) but even higher speed bumps don’t make their presence felt inside the cabin. The Sonet maintains its composure no matter what the road surface is like. At the very beginning of our drive, it demonstrated this ability and inspired confidence to continue with the trip.