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There’s even a UVO app available for smartwatches which quite literally puts the controls on your wrist. Like the mobile app, the user interface on the smartwatch app is easy to use and lets you prepare the car for your arrival with just a few clicks.

Apart from all of that, the Sonet itself is a technological tour de force. It’s immediately evident that technology plays a pivotal role in how you experience the car. Walk up to the car with the key in your pocket and the wing mirrors unfold, welcoming you to the experience that awaits. From then on, you’ll simply have to thumb the request sensor on the door to gain access to the vehicle.

Inside the Sonet, the large 26.03 cm touchscreen is your gateway to all the features on offer here. It’s the largest in its segment and with available split-screen functions, it’s very easy to use as well. Some of the Sonet’s best features can be accessed by the touchscreen like its air purifier with virus protection. This system makes use of a HEPA filter and a UVC LED to filter out particulate matter and sterilise the air in the cabin. Given the current global situation, a system like this gives you an additional layer of peace. The Sonet also has a driving rear view monitor and LED sound mood lights for the seven speaker Bose music system. Speaking of music, you can connect up to two phones via bluetooth and have them connected simultaneously as well and switch seamlessly between them.