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If you recall from our previous issue, the Kia EV6 presented itself to be a rather likeable all-electric premium vehicle with nearly no compromise. Its strength often outweighed what others might offer at the same price, making it ideal also for those who are looking at the EV6 as their primary car. Having experienced the car on numerous occasions, we thought the novelty would wear off, but in reality, the extravagant design feels as fresh and unique as it did during our first rendezvous. The equally good-looking interior and the sports-car-aping performance are bound to win hearts over and over again.

Pop-out door handles add to the futuristic feel of the EV6

It’s had us smitten, but to understand if it’s anything more than our unending infatuation, we decided to ask someone about the EV6 who lives day in and out of one. Not only using it as their everyday car but also effectively strengthening the EV-only policy they’ve formulated for their business, this Kia EV6 owner is about as much in love with the car as you can expect. Or more, actually, as we found out in a brief chat recently.

Anyone who still thinks production-spec EVs can’t be powerful will need to eat their words now!

The company’s electric vehicle platform is peerless in the price bracket; it enables Kia to decimate myths and performance barriers unlike anything else. The performance from the EV6, for instance, is unreal, to say the least. The limited-market model like the EV6 GT sits at the top of the model line, and while not available in India, it does go on to show the wide performance capabilities of an EV without having to compromise on everyday usability. The standard model that we get is no slouch, either, even in comparison to the high-performance-orientated ‘GT’. The EV6 AWD offers an unmatched balance between power/torque and outright performance. Hit the ton on the digital speedo from a standstill in just about 5 seconds. And when not gunning for a lap time, one can benefit from what seems like a tremendous range for a car — 700+ km on a single charge. Anyone who still thinks production-spec EVs can’t be powerful or practical will need to eat their words right now.

Kia’s service in India has been commendable

At a starting price of Rs 60 lakh (ex-showroom) for the EV6, Kia also understands the market segment is very different. While value and product quality are still appreciated, they would need to match the after-sales service, too. But anyone who’s owned a Kia in India would be able to confirm, the brand’s sales and service (regardless of the segment they’re operating in) has been commendable — and hence the unprecedented growth.

The other important thing for customers when moving from a brand which has been conventionally operating in this price bracket is warranty and Kia has got that spot on, too. The EV6 comes with an unlimited mileage warranty for a period of three years from the date of purchase, ensuring that your travels — no matter how extensive are trouble-free. Another thing that makes the case of the Kia even stronger is the wide presence of ownership-focussed inclusions. For instance, with more than 60 connected-car features, living with the EV6 is easy to a T. From scheduling or even operating your car’s charging to operating the climate control, without being next to the car (or inside it) is pretty impressive. Quite fitting is the name of the smartphone app: Kia Connect.

Christy Varghese purchased the Kia EV6 despite being a petrolhead!

But that’s enough from the mouth of someone who drives cars kindly lent to him from press offices. Let’s hear from an EV6 owner who hasn’t just bought the car but has done so despite being a petrolhead. Meet Christy Varghese, a car fanatic and collector, from the city of Cochin, Kerala. His EV6 is one of the earliest to be sold in the country, bought in line with the EV-only policy they had adopted at Christy’s business. The conventionally powered work cars and motorcycles were replaced with EVs — and so did the boss’s. As a result, Christy found a great reason to add to his wide collection of sports cars a car that not just drove like one but would carry on with everyday commutes without any fuss — or tailpipe emission.

When I ask him about the experience of driving one, he quickly mentions how peaceful it is to drive the EV6. While he does miss the sound of an internal combustion engine (which is no surprise considering the kind of cars he’s coming from), he absolutely enjoys the great stability and highway confidence the EV6 offers. Even when driven within the city as his company car, the EV6 surprises with unsurpassed ease and comfort, ensuring that from inside the cocooning cabin, the stop-go traffic outside has virtually no effect on the owner.

The interiors only prove to be more comfortable over longer drives

Another thing that Christy loves is how problem-free the EV6 has been. Regularly serviced and maintained by the authorised Kia dealer, the car has already done 18,000+ km. Even on long drives, the value proposition it makes is unbeatable — his inter-city trips are economical and sometimes less taxing, without any drop in overall speed or comfort. If anything, the EV6’s cabin turns out to be more comfortable for passengers on long drives, he mentions.

The Kia EV6 isn’t just about looks; it’s a solid all-rounder

He swears by the great quality and remarkably smooth ownership experience the EV6 has provided. And while quite understandably he mightn’t trade in one of his sports cars for an all-electric vehicle yet, he says the EV6 is his chosen set of wheels for at least five days a week. We don’t doubt that one bit, Christy!