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The Kia Sonet has undeniably become a phenomenon in the automotive landscape since its dynamic debut in India. With a trail of consistent sales growth, it has not just rewritten the compact SUV rulebook but set new standards in the fiercely competitive market. Its secret weapon lies in a compelling blend of feature-richness and aggressive value, capturing the hearts of consumers across the country. Now, Kia is pushing the boundaries even further with the 2024 Sonet, introducing a treasure trove of new features that not only raise eyebrows but set a benchmark in the segment. Kia Sonet Facelift (6)

The 2024 Sonet is not just an upgrade; it’s a reloaded arsenal that goes beyond expectations. Kia has seamlessly blended segment-first innovations with comfort-enhancing upgrades, creating a vehicle that not only asks, ‘What’s new?’ but also challenges the industry with the question, ‘How much can they possibly fit in this thing?’ Buckle up for the evolution of a sales juggernaut – the 2024 Kia Sonet – reloaded, redefined, and poised to reignite the compact SUV revolution. Get ready to witness a new chapter in automotive excellence as Kia continues to set the standard for what a compact SUV can achieve.Kia Sonet Facelift (6)

While the side profile of the new Sonet facelift maintains a familiar look from its predecessor, noteworthy changes include the introduction of a fresh set of 16-inch directional diamond-cut alloy wheels. Turning our attention to the rear end, Kia has revamped the design, bidding farewell to the horizontal taillights in favour of slender vertically positioned LED taillights. Adding a touch of modernity, the company has incorporated a new connected LED light bar at the centre. The facelifted Sonet also sports a redesigned rear bumper, exuding a more aggressive aesthetic, compared to its predecessor. These enhancements collectively contribute to a refreshed and contemporary appearance for the sub-compact SUV.

Kia Sonet Facelift (6)

Turning our attention to the interior of the new Sonet facelift, while maintaining much of the familiar layout, Kia has introduced several noteworthy enhancements. In addition to the existing features, the facelifted Sonet now boasts LED ambient sound lighting which changes to the tone of the music playing, a 10.25-inch full-TFT instrument console, a voice-operated sunroof, remote windows up-and-down functionality, rear window sunshades, and an air purifier. Safety is paramount, with the Sonet offering six airbags as standard, complemented by an upgraded Kia Connect, featuring over 70 connected car features. Notably, the cabin exudes a premium feel within this segment, featuring soft-touch plastics at key touchpoints, further elevating the overall driving experience. Whether it’s the Smart Pure Air Purifier with Virus & Bacteria Protection, the futuristic Digital Screen & Cluster, or the front ventilated & 4-Way Power Driver’s Seats, the Sonet offers a blend of advanced features and a sophisticated interior ambience.Kia Sonet Facelift (6)

Plenty of room to roam – that’s the story inside the new Sonet. Up front, your seats adjust to any whim, with legroom galore even for giants. The back? Surprisingly spacious, even for adults, and headroom lets you sunroof-gaze without bumping. Need to pack for an elephant-sized adventure? Fold down the seats, and the boot swallows luggage like a champ. It’s the perfect balance of sporty and sensible, ready for both solo sprints and family cruises.Kia Sonet Facelift (6)

The 2024 Kia Sonet lineup boasts an extensive offering of 19 variants, catering to diverse preferences with a range of engine, transmission, and trim combinations. Maintaining continuity from its predecessor, the Sonet continues to feature three engine options: the Smartstream G1.2-litre petrol delivering 82 bhp with 11.72 kgm of torque, the Smartstream G1.0-litre T-Gdi petrol producing 118 bhp with 17.53 kgm of torque, and the 1.5-litre CRDi VGT diesel offering 114 bhp with 25.49 kgm of torque.

Kia Sonet Facelift (6)

In terms of transmission, the Sonet provides a comprehensive array of choices, including five-speed MT paired with the 1.2 petrol engine, a six-speed iMT, and a seven-speed DCT accompanying the 1.0 turbo petrol, as well as a six-speed MT, six-speed iMT, and six-speed AT with the 1.5 diesel. Notably, the reintroduction of the six-speed MT with the 1.5 diesel enhances the versatility of the Sonet lineup. With this expansive range of options, the 2024 Kia Sonet ensures that customers have the freedom to select from various engine and gearbox configurations, tailoring their driving experience to individual preferences.Kia Sonet Facelift (6)

During our drive in Bhopal, we had the opportunity to experience the performance of the 1.0-litre T-Gdi petrol engine paired with the seven-speed automatic transmission. The combination delivered an impressive performance, showcasing a seamless blend of power and efficiency. On the highway, we observed a commendable fuel efficiency of 18 kpl, while in city conditions, the Sonet demonstrated efficiency with a notable 14 kpl.Kia Sonet Facelift (6)

The remarkable ride and handling characteristics of the new Kia Sonet enhance the driving experience during our drive in Bhopal and towards to outskirts of the city. The Sonet is impressive when driving on the highway or through city streets because of its calm and agile performance. The suspension system provides a smooth and comfortable ride by readily absorbing bumps and undulations thanks to its finely calibrated balance between comfort and control. It’s a pleasure to navigate twisting roads and through traffic thanks to the accurate steering and snappy handling. A sense of stability and driver confidence is fostered by the Sonet‘s well-balanced chassis and well-designed characteristics.Kia Sonet Facelift (6)

The new Kia Sonet is not just a stylish compact SUV; it’s a safety fortress on wheels. Equipped with a robust array of features, including six airbags and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the Sonet ensures comprehensive protection for you and your passengers. ADAS features, such as Forward Collision Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Detection, and Adaptive Cruise Control, act as a vigilant sixth sense, anticipating and preventing potential hazards. Whether it’s parking assistance, collision prevention, or maintaining a safe distance, the Sonet goes beyond the basics, offering peace of mind and advanced safety at every turn. Drive with confidence, knowing you’re in a car that prioritizes your safety with cutting-edge technology and intelligent assistance.

Kia Sonet Facelift (6)

In a fiercely competitive segment, the new Kia Sonet stands tall as a compelling choice, showcasing a harmonious blend of style, technology, and safety. In a league populated by formidable rivals, including the Hyundai Venue, Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza and Tata Nexon, the Sonet not only holds its ground but rises to the occasion with a solid and appealing offering. Kia, once again, proves its prowess in delivering a well-rounded product that caters to the diverse needs of its customers. With a striking design, advanced features, and robust safety measures, the Kia Sonet emerges as a standout player, ready to carve its niche in the hearts of discerning SUV enthusiasts.Kia Sonet Facelift (6)


Kia Sonet GT-Line



Max Power:

Max Torque:


998 cc, 3 Cylinders Inline

118 bhp@6000 rpm

17.53 kgm@1500-4000 rpm

7-speed automatic


F/R: 215/60 R16


L/W/H (mm):


Kerb Weight:

Fuel Capacity:


2890 mm

2500 kg

45 litres


TBA (ex-showroom)