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On the much-anticipated Honda Drive to Discover the Journey to Explore the Northeast, Our adventure began with the hum of Honda engines resonating at Siliguri in West Bengal. Welcomed by the Honda fleet — the robust Elevate, the eco-conscious City Hybrid, and the nimble Amaze — our excitement soared as we were all set to explore the North East of India. A sumptuous lunch fueled not only our bodies but also the sense of anticipation for the thrilling days ahead. The briefing session that followed was a curtain-raiser to what promised to be a remarkable journey. The drive flag-off from Siliguri marked the commencement of our expedition into the enchanting landscapes leading to Gangtok.

The Honda Elevate, with its rugged SUV capabilities, became an instant favourite as it effortlessly manoeuvred through diverse terrains. As we checked into our Gangtok abode, the camaraderie among fellow travellers blossomed, setting the tone for the awaited adventures. Gangtok, the enchanting capital of Sikkim, welcomed us with open arms adorned in the festive spirit of Christmas. As we drove through the city centre, the streets transformed into a winter wonderland, reminiscent of European cities during the holiday season. Every corner of Gangtok was decked with vibrant Christmas decorations, from twinkling lights to elaborately adorned storefronts.

The second day unveiled promises of exploration against the backdrop of Sikkim’s breathtaking landscapes. After a hearty breakfast, our Honda convoy, led by the eco-conscious Honda City Hybrid embarked on the journey to Nathula. Its seamless integration of a traditional internal combustion engine with an electric motor ensured an eco-friendly drive through the serene surroundings. On reaching a breathtaking crescendo we ventured to Nathula Pass, a mountain pass nestled at an altitude of 14,140 feet in the Himalayas.

As we stood on this lofty vantage point, the air was crisp, and the panoramic views were nothing short of spectacular. Nathula Pass holds strategic significance, serving as a border crossing between India and China. The incredible landscapes and the realization of being at such a significant border crossing added a profound sense of adventure to our expedition. The picturesque Nathula and Tsong Mo Lake provided the perfect canvas for showcasing the scenic beauty and the capabilities of Honda’s impressive lineup.

Returning to Gangtok, the Honda Amaze took centre stage, showcasing its nimble manoeuvring through the narrow streets of the bustling town. The day concluded with a delightful dinner with a lovely local band playing some incredible renditions of some classic rock songs, where stories of the day’s exploration flowed freely. The third day unfolded with the promise of a scenic drive to Pelling, our next destination, unveiled a spellbinding spectacle as we were treated to an awe inspiring view of the majestic Kangchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the world. As the morning sun cast a warm glow on the snow-capped peaks, Kangchenjunga stood tall, dominating the skyline with its unparalleled grandeur. The sheer magnitude of this Himalayan giant left us in silent admiration, and Pelling’s strategic vantage points provided an ideal canvas for this breathtaking natural masterpiece. This also offered a deeper dive into the performance of the Honda fleet.

Venturing deeper into the heart of Sikkim, our Honda convoy embarked on a journey to Yuksom and the majestic Kanchenjunga Falls. The Honda Elevate’s SUV capabilities truly shone as we navigated the challenging terrains, with the vehicle seamlessly adapting to the landscape. Yuksom provided the perfect setting for a photo shoot, with cars becoming an integral part of the breathtaking backdrop.

The drive to Kalimpong added another layer to our adventure, with the vehicles seamlessly adapting to varied landscapes. We had a lovely bonfire and a long singer came to perform with our whole group joining in the festivities Our journey also led us to the the enchanting town of Darjeeling, where the aroma of world-renowned tea permeated the crisp mountain air. Exploring the iconic tea estates, we were granted an exclusive tour of a tea factory, unravelling the intricate process behind the production of Darjeeling tea.

Surprisingly, we discovered that a substantial portion of this exquisite tea finds its way to Japan, forming an unexpected cultural connection between the tea hills of Darjeeling and our Japanese driving companions — the Honda cars. As we neared the end of our journey, we set out on the final leg of our adventure. The return to Siliguri was a mix of reflection and excitement as we reminisced about the diverse landscapes, challenging terrains, and the impressive performance of the Honda fleet.

The Honda City Hybrid emerged as a standout performer, its hybrid assist proving invaluable in the hills. The Elevate, with its SUV form factor, conquered every obstacle with ease, while the Amaze showcased its mettle on narrow hill station streets. The entire fleet seamlessly blended style, performance, and efficiency, leaving an indelible mark on our journey.

Bidding farewell to our Honda companions wasn’t just the end of a road trip; it was a testament to the spirit of exploration and the perfect synergy between man and machine—a journey etched in our memories. Our journey through Sikkim and West Bengal, fueled by the power and precision of Honda cars, will remain etched in our memories—a testament to the spirit of exploration and the joy of the open road. The Honda Drive to Discover not only unveiled the North East’s beauty but also showcased the unrivalled performance and adaptability of Honda’s impressive lineup.