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In the pulsating world of wheels and dreams, Škoda Auto India is not just hitting milestones; they’re hitting it at a rapid pace with over 100,000 cars sold in the shortest period in their over two-decade history in the country. Buckle up as we take you on a ride through their two decades in India and their commitment to the market, excellence and safety. Picture this: Škoda Auto India zooming past expectations, thanks to the turbo boost from the MQB-A0-IN platform.

The Kushaq and Slavia, born and bred for Indian roads, took the lead, catapulting
Škoda to a record-breaking speed, achieving what earlier took six years in just
a fraction of that time. Between all this, even the Kodiaq joined the sprint, not just breaking records but shattering them. It saw a 100% surge in sales over the previous year and an all-time high annual sales volume—now that’s what we call a grand entrance.

While Škoda Auto is lapping landmark after landmark, it’s also making every pitstop count. Škoda Auto India has expanded its network to more than 100% in the past 2 years, ensuring each customer touchpoint is accessible and closer to customers. In the endeavour for service transparency, the company has also enabled Service CAM, where customers can have a live feed of their cars being serviced and accepted or rejected jobs as per their convenience.

Now, let’s talk safety because Škoda isn’t just lapping landmarks, they’re also acing crash tests. The Kushaq and Slavia were the first cars to be tested under Global NCAP’s newer, more stringent protocols. And they aced it with grace. They not only earned a full 5 stars, they did it for both adult and child occupants, the first set of cars made in India to achieve the feat. With the Kodiaq already rocking a 5-star Euro NCAP rating, Škoda Auto India’s fleet is not just a lineup; it’s a safety spectacle. Škoda has had a safety legacy going back to 1972 when they conducted their first internal crash tests. Moreover, every Škoda since 2008 has been successful in various crash tests across the globe. And this is not something the company achieves merely with features or technology. They also do it with hardcore design and engineering of the skeletal structure of the car.

On the path towards 2024, Škoda Auto With your ride and your rules, Škoda is here to craft an unforgettable journey India isn’t merely focusing on new car models. It also has a strategy where India is its major hub of exports. A hub that’s not just about selling cars, but also sharing India’s exceptional automotive quality globally. Expanding the network goes beyond adding more service points; it’s about establishing Škoda hubs everywhere, making sure every corner of India reflects the brand’s dedication to luxury, innovation, and customer happiness.

As we wrap up this journey through Škoda Auto India’s progress, we realise it’s not just about cars; it’s about passion, innovation, and rewriting the rules of the road through the product, safety, customer satisfaction and custom-made solutions at the centre of it all.